Greenfingers - Suppliers of Top Quality Products

At Greenfingers Garden Centre we grow the vast majority of our shrubs and bedding plants along with sourcing top quality trees, roses, alpines, heather's, bare rooted hedging, vegetable seedlings, fruit trees and fruit bushes. We also stock a wide array of garden furniture, planters, pots, composts, bark mulch, fertilisers, weed & pest control chemicals, ornaments and everything you require to complete that personal landscaping project.



We stock a wide variety of trees both potted and bare rooted to suit gardens both big and small. There are many to choose from including evergreen, deciduous, berried, flowering, fruiting and those that have interesting bark & foliage. Visit Greenfingers Garden Centre to view what we have to offer.


Shrubs & Herbaceous

There is no better way to bring instant colour to your garden than with flowering shrubs. We stock shrubs that will add colour to your garden all year round with beautiful foliage and flowers. Visit Greenfingers Garden Centre to view what we have to offer.


Bedding Plants

Bring a splash of colour to your beds, pots and baskets with our wide selection of bedding plants, which we grow ourselves, for Winter and Summer. Greenfingers Garden Centre can fill your pots and baskets to order, so all you have to do is enjoy them.


Hedging Plants

Define your garden with a beautiful hedge. Greenfingers Garden Centre will advise you on the right hedge for your needs and situation. We stock a wide variety of bare rooted hedging during the dormant season and we also carry a full compliment of potted hedging all year round.


Compost & Fertiliser

Various plants require different types of growing mediums to get fully established and vigorous. We will supply you with the correct composts for each plant. We also stock general and specialist fertilisers for different plants and All-in-One fertilisers to get a healthy, beautiful green lawn.


Seeds, Plugs & Sets

Grow your own bedding plants and vegetables with our certified range of pre-packed and loose seeds. We also supply a large variety of vegetable seedling plugs that you can simply plant out and grow on.


Weed & Pest Control

Not all plants are desirable in our gardens so we supply a selection of chemicals to control weeds in various situations. If your plants are over run with insects or a fungus then we can advise on the right course of action and supply you with the correct chemicals that you require.


Pots & Garden Furniture

Gardening can be just as enjoyable by using pots and tubs to nurture your plants, especially if you are tight for space. Our selection of glazed, terracotta, plastic and wooden pots & troughs will brighten up any situation. We also stock a range of patio furniture and garden ornaments to compliment every garden.